Safety Tips: General


Phones vs. Text Messages:

During an emergency and for non-emergency communication, use text messages when possible instead of making phone calls. Phone calls will clog up phone lines faster since they use a continual drain on the phone lines versus a short burst from a text message.


Drug Labs and Marijuana:

Drug labs and other illegal operations in remote desert locations are becoming more commonplace and consequently may be more easily stumbled upon by the average hiker or off-roader.  Use caution and stay clear of anything that doesn’t look right.  If possible, GPS the location and report it to the proper agencies.


Abandoned Mines:

As intriguing as they are, mines can be death traps.  Please remember mines not only go straight in, but mine shafts also go straight down; those are the ones you may not see.  A 200-foot freefall may be exciting, but the stop at the end will get your attention.



On occasion in the desert you may come across explosives from either abandoned mining or military operations.  If possible, mark or GPS the location so you can report it to the proper agency.