Saddle Fire Evacuation Update

After consultation with the Forest Service and Fire officials, the Washington County Commission and the Sheriff will lift all evacuation orders on all cabins in the Pine Valley area, effective 7/12/16 at 0800 hours. Portions of the Pine Valley Wilderness area still remain closed to public access due to the fire and public safety concerns.

Fire personnel will still be in the area as they continue to monitor and strengthen defensible space surrounding the cabins. Residents and visitors coming to the area are asked to monitor fire activity, and use caution around working fire resources. There will still be smoke in the area from fire activity within fire control lines south of Lloyd’s Canyon. Smoke in the area need not be reported as fire personnel will be monitoring the area.

We are grateful for the cooperation of residents and visitors in complying with the evacuation orders and other direction given by fire managers. The temporary flight restriction remains in effect and drone operators are reminded that the use of a drone in the fire area is a violation of FAA regulations and can result in the disruption of aerial fire attack. Those with questions can contact (435)652-3100. ‪#‎SaddleFire‬

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Supports Project Lifesaver International

St. George City Police Department, Hurricane City Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are working together to identify community members and caretakers of those who have a tendency to wander. Identified individuals may be eligible for a free service which will assist in quickly locating and returning their wandering loved one through the services of Project Lifesaver International.

Project Lifesaver is a public safety program specifically designed to protect and locate missing persons due to wandering, as a result of cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Autism and Down Syndrome. The program uses state of the art technology to track, locate and return loved ones to their families after having wandered off.

Local emergency teams respond to calls resulting in an average rescue time of less than 30 minutes. Unlike other services, Project Lifesaver does not rely on GPS technology which requires satellite signal. Project Lifesaver utilizes a radio frequency, which allows the device to work in areas where GPS may not, such as inside buildings, in underground tunnels, and under water, etc.

Project Lifesaver is a non-profit organization. To learn more about Project Lifesaver, visit

If you are the caretaker of someone who may qualify for the free service, or have questions about this service, please contact the St. George Police Department at (435) 634-5730. Ask for SGPD Detective Derek Lewis, HCPD Sergeant Brandon Buell or WCSO Deputy Ali Snow.

Book and Release Schedule Change

Our Book and Release schedule at the Purgatory Correctional Facility has changed.  Beginning on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, the Purgatory Correctional Facility will only be conducting Book and Releases on the following days and during the times listed:

Tuesday:       9:00am to 12:00pm

Wednesday: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Thursday:     9:00am to 12:00pm

Sunday:         1:00pm to 4:00pm

During these times, the Purgatory Correctional Facility will have specific staff assigned to this task and, as such, any individuals needing to complete this process should be given the utmost priority. In addition to arriving during one of the allotted time slots, all individuals reporting for a Book and Release will still be required to bring with them a valid photo ID and any applicable paperwork from the Court(s).

If You See Something, Say Something

The Utah Department of Public Safety released a new video which reminds everyone to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to local law enforcement agencies. The video provides tips and helps train citizens to be vigilant, aware, and prepared. This short article and video, Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism, provides valuable information to citizens and we hope you take a few minutes to view it. While law enforcement agencies train to respond to emergencies, and help protect our communities, we can’t be everywhere and see everything.

Tips and information from the public are essential to our mission to keep our communities safe. The Department of Homeland Security created the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to help increase public awareness. So if you see something you know shouldn’t be there—or someone’s behavior that doesn’t seem quite right—say something. Only you know what is routine and what is unusual as you go about your daily routines.  We would rather take the time to talk you about a concern and have it turn out to be insignificant, then miss an important clue because you were reluctant to call and report something.  Be safe, be vigilant.


Urgent Actions Needed to Oppose Proposed BLM Land Use Changes

The Bureau of Land Management has issued a Draft Resource Management Plan which will further restrict large areas in Washington County. The public only has until Oct 15, 2015 to comment on the proposed excessive public land regulations.

Washington County has developed a website that will assist you to send your comments directly to the BLM St George Field Office. Below is a sample of the email which will be sent on your behalf, should you choose to voice your opinion on . Please look for the option to send the quick comment or the extended version.

Below is the example of the extended version, which will also help explain the vast proposed changes to Washington County that will impact many in this county. Please take a minute to send your comments via the website. It is fast and easy to use. Please join us in opposing these proposed land regulations so we may all continue to enjoy hunting, hiking, OHV use and many, many more activities which will become prohibited in these proposed areas. To read more about the proposal, visit the BLM NCA Resource Managment website.
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Tyson Black Search Update

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and WCSO Search and Rescue teams are continuing to assist in the search for the missing six year old, Tyson Black. Sheriff Pulsipher and county staff have continued to meet with Hildale and Colorado City personnel to plan and coordinate search efforts. Using the expertise and knowledge of the Human Remains Detection (HR) K-9 teams, and experts in the search for missing persons, future searches will be targeted efforts. We will continue to evaluate and identify the highest probability areas and those will be the focus of searches.
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