Inmate Phones


For more information regarding inmate phones, please visit or call 1-866-516-0115.

Inmates shall have no expectation of privacy in their personal telephone calls. Calls may be monitored and recorded. Inmates shall be provided notice of this via signage near each phone. Legal calls to established legal phone numbers shall be excluded from monitoring and recording. The inmate or legal representative must notify PCF in order to have the monitoring and recording feature turned off.

After admission, inmates shall have access to telephones in their housing unit. Unless otherwise regulated, telephones may be accessed daily from about 0900 hours until about 2200 hours. Telephones will not be turned on until after bunk inspections are completed. In special management housing units, telephone use may be limited to the time that the inmate is allowed out of his/her cell. Inmates in disciplinary isolation shall be limited to legal, embassy, and consular calls only.

Inmate telephones may be turned off at any time to facilitate legitimate penological interests.

Inmates may make local and long distance calls by calling collect or purchasing phone minutes from the Commissary Unit.

A one-time, free call may be permitted to a cell phone number in order to give the cell phone owner the opportunity to make arrangements to receive future calls.

Consulate calls shall be free. ICE detainee questions related to calls to consulates or other special circumstances should be referred to ICE staff.