Fees and Services

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office provides service for all types of process related to criminal proceedings and some types of process related to civil proceedings. However, we cannot provide forms or legal advice for any civil process. Fees are charged and civil rules of services are followed, in accordance with Utah law. Deposits are required for some types of process. For additional information, click on the fees link below or contact the civil process division at (435)656-6500.

An Ex Parte’, Protective Order, or Stalking Injunction can be served by any law enforcement officer, at any time, upon the request of the petitioner. (UCA 78B-7-106) There is no fee to file or serve protective orders and stalking injunctions.

Some processes can be served by constablesprivate investigators or citizens. More information about who can serve what types of process can be found on the Utah Courts website.

The Utah online court assistance program provides information that answers frequently asked questions, along with links and forms to assist with obtaining the civil process paperwork to be served.
Visit the court website at http://utcourts.gov

Call (435)656-6500 for additional information.

Deposits required for process service:
Writs of Execution for Real Property-$600.00

The deposit includes service of: writs, posting Notice of Sale, publication, commissions, and Certificates of Sale. Fees will be billed or reimbursed for any difference.

Prepayment is required on all types of service including three trips for mileage. The Sheriff’s Office will refund services and mileage fees that are not utilized during the service.

Grama Fees (Credit/Debit Cards Allowed)

If using a credit/debit card, there is an additional $2.00 fee.

A general schedule of Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) fees are as below:

Item Cost
Report Copy (UCA 630-2-203(1)) $5.00 per report, plus additional charges for related digital media
Digital Media, Unredacted  $5.00 per disc plus $20.00 per hour (after first 15 minutes of staff time)
Digital Media, redacted (UCA 630-2-203(2)(a)(i))  $5.00 per disc plus $20.00 per hour (after first 15 minutes of staff time)
Compiling a Record in a Form Other than that Normally Maintained  $20.00 per hour (after first 15 minutes of staff time)
Search and Retrieval to Comply with an Atypical Request  $20.00 per hour ( after first 15 minutes of staff time)
Formatting or Interfacing Information to an Atypical Requested Format  $20.00 per hour (after first 15 minutes of staff time)
Reviewing a Record to Determine Disclosure Status as allowed (UCA 630-2-203(5)(a))  $20.00 per hour (after first 15 minutes of staff time)
Inspecting a PUBLIC record  No Cost
Mailing a Compiled Record  Actual Postage Cost