Honor Guard

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard is the formal representation of the Sheriff and the Sheriff’s Office at events including funerals, graduations, parades, and other special events approved by the Sheriff. The Honor Guard represents with a high degree of honor, dignity, and professionalism in adherence with the long cherished traditions of the law enforcement profession.

Flag Etiquette

Each deputy must have discipline and stamina and present a professional appearance on a daily basis. Joining the Honor Guard is voluntary but very competitive. The Honor Guard practices regularly and drills before every event. In rain or shine, heat or cold, the Honor Guard maintains its strict composure, precise military bearing, and meticulous attention to detail.

The Honor Guard may be scheduled for various ceremonies and special events within the county. When making a request, please allow for at least 30 days prior notice.

Please view the Honor Guard calendar for upcoming events.

For more information, please email Honor Guard Information at hginfo@washeriff.net.