Undersheriff Golding

Undersheriff Golding

Chief Deputy Trevor Benson

Corrections Division Chief Deputy Trevor Benson

Patrol Division Chief Deputy BJ Judy

Support Services Chief Deputy John Zwahlen


The WCSO is organized with the following structure:

  • Administration
    • Sheriff
    • Undersheriff
  • Corrections Division
    • Booking Branch
    • Housing Branch
  • Patrol Division
    • Emergency Services Branch
    • Investigations Branch
    • Patrol Branch
  • Support Services Division
    • Administrative Branch
      • Administrative Unit
      • Computer Systems Unit
      • Food Services Unit
      • Office Unit
    • Medical Branch
      • Medical Unit
      • Mental Health Unit
    • Support Branch
      • Community Release Unit
      • Courts Unit
      • Transport Unit


WCSO Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Washington County. We respect the diversity of our citizens by serving all people fairly and equally.


Corrections Division

The Corrections Division is responsible for functions related to the operation of Purgatory Correctional Facility. The Corrections Division includes the Corrections Chief Deputy (a.k.a., Jail Commander), corrections lieutenants, corrections sergeants, corrections deputies, and other correctional staff as determined by the Sheriff.


Corrections Division Mission Statement

To provide public safety through secure and safekeeping of lawfully incarcerated offenders by maintaining a secure, safe, and humane environment; and to assist offenders with successful reintegration into society by providing for behavior modification and personal development.


Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to citizen calls for assistance, patrolling Washington County, investigating traffic accidents, taking initial reports, criminal investigations, and other law enforcement functions. The Patrol Division includes the Patrol Chief Deputy, patrol lieutenants, patrol sergeants, patrol deputies, and other patrol staff as determined by the Sheriff.


Patrol Division Mission Statement

To respect our community’s diversity by serving all people fairly and equitably as we relentlessly pursue those who commit crimes against the members of our community.


Support Services Division

The Support Services Division manages a wide range of responsibilities including budgeting, computer systems, court services, evidence, inmate services (e.g., medical care, mental health care, food services, education, recreation, and work programs), office management, scheduling, training, and transportation.


Support Services Division Mission Statement

To promote efficiency and effectiveness of the WCSO through organization, productivity, and accountability.