Southwest Adult High School at Purgatory Correctional Facility


Southwest Adult High School (SWHS) been volunteering for years at the Washington County Jail/Purgatory Correctional Facility (PCF). In that time, SWHS has played an integral role in providing residents of PCF opportunities to prepare themselves to contribute to the community upon their release.  A representative from SWHS has been coming to PCF Monday through Thursday each week, teaching classes, and helping residents earn their High School Diploma. The school has donated over a handful of very useful and effective resources throughout the years.  Currently, PCF’s Programming Division and Southwest High School are implementing new programs such as English as a Second Language (ESL), online GED testing, as well as video-based learning courses. Our recent graduation ceremony had three individuals who each received awards specific to their accomplishments in the classroom.  We look forward to continually helping those who want to better themselves while here at PCF and allowing them to return to our community ready to contribute.

-PCF Programming Division

From one of the SWHS teachers:

Southwest High School (SWHS) is an adult high school that offers both a traditional credit diploma, and a Utah High School Completion Diploma (GED). We also offer all levels of English Llanguage Skills. At Purgatory Correctional Facility, we offer all of the above, as well as college preparatory classes. We are collaborating with local universities to provide college classes in the near future.

SWHS empowers individuals to become self-sufficient with the knowledge and skills necessary for future employment and personal success whether earning a diploma or refining their English through language classes.

I work with students at our St George location, and in the afternoons I work with students at Purgatory Correctional Facility. Of all the positions I’ve had in my life, I’ve never found one to be as fulfilling as teaching at Purgatory. The staff exemplifies professionalism and are a joy to work with. I can feel the difference we make in the individual students. The data is irrefutable; education opens doors, increases confidence, brings recidivism rates down and makes our community safer.