ATF and the Utah Bomb Squad Task Force Promote Safety and Security with Explosives

The Southern Utah Bomb Squad is supporting the ATF to help promote safety, when dealing with explosive materials. There have been several incidents in which citizens arrive unannounced at police departments to turn in explosives, or persons accidentally kill themselves while trying to dispose of old dynamite. According to the ATF, it has investigated multiple explosive thefts, wherein explosives were not securely stored, resulting in explosives falling into the hands of felons and illegal drug users.

Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the St George Police Departmant form the Southern Utah Bomb Squad. They are the only bomb squad south of Provo. Statewide, there are eight bomb squads involved in the Utah Bomb Squad Task Force, most of which are in the SLC valley.

In the past year, the Southern Utah team has responded in Washington County alone to over a dozen calls for assistance. Most of these required the safe removal and destruction of unsafe explosive material. In addition, the team conducted numerous public awareness presentations and trainings. The Squad is extensively trained, and a valuable asset to our county.

According to the United States Geological Survey, 71,000 metric tons of explosives were sold in Utah in 2013. Because of the potential misuse of these explosive materials to the detriment of public safety, the ATF and the Utah Bomb Squad Task Force (UBSTF) are seeking assistance from the public. The ATF and the UBSTF are asking members of the public to contact them at 888-ATF-BOMB to surrender unwanted explosives.

For persons who wish to surrender unwanted explosives:
∙Contact 888-ATF-BOMB
∙DO NOT handle, cover, move or transport unwanted explosives
∙The UBSTF will travel statewide to safely dispose of explosives, FREE OF CHARGE

∙Commercial explosives
∙Homemade explosives
∙Military ordnance
∙Display fireworks
∙Consumer fireworks

∙Hazardous materials not classified as explosive

For more information on ATF and its programs visit . Click here for a copy of the new release from the ATF promoting public awareness on explosive safety.