Changes to Inmate Mail Procedures

Notice to individuals who are, or will be sending mail to inmates housed at the Purgatory Correctional Facility.

As of November, 1 2014, the following changes will be made to mail procedures of PCF:

  • All incoming and outgoing mail, except legal mail and other specifically approved items, must be in postcard form.
  • Mail received other than authorized postcards will be returned to sender.
  • Postcards must have the sender’s full name and complete return address.
  • Postcards for inmates need to be sent to the following address:

Purgatory Correctional Facility

Inmate’s Full Name

750 S 5300 W

Hurricane, UT 84737

  • Postcards cannot have photos, glitter, perfume, lipstick, or any sexually explicit material.
  • All postage stamp will be removed prior to the inmate receiving the postcard, so please do not write on the postcard directly behind the stamp.
  • Postcards will not be accepted if they are larger than 6 inches by 11.5 inches.
  • Inmates are allowed to have photographs in their possession no larger than 5 inches by 7 inches.
    • Photographs may still be mailed to the inmate provided the envelope is clearly marked “Photographs” and contains no additional correspondence. The photographs may not exceed 5 inches by 7 inches in size. The inmate’s name and name number must be written on the back of each photograph.
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, and other commercially produced material (e.g., cross-word puzzles) procured from outside the jail must be received directly from the publisher, or authorized national-level distributor (e.g.,
    • No hardback books are accepted.

Photocopies, clips, or portions of books, magazines, newspapers, or other copyright protected material are considered and attempt to circumvent the publisher-only rule and will not be accepted.

  • Packages from private residences, businesses, or post office boxes will be returned to the sender.  A package is defined as a box or mail item (special delivery, UPS, etc.) larger/thicker than a letter that contains what a reasonable person would observe to be over 100 pages (1/2” thick) of material.  Exceptions to include:  pre-approved medical packages , attorney/client mail (marked with the designation of “legal privileged mail” or words to that effect), and soft cover books (see books and magazines above).
  • The Purgatory Correctional Facility does not forward mail.  Mail for inmates no longer incarcerated at PCF will be returned to the sender.