Sheriff’s Office Holds Spring Physical Testing

Each Spring and Fall the Washington County Sheriff’s Office participates in physical testing (PT) to verify and validate the ability of the staff to perform the functions of the job. The testing process includes a bench press, vertical jump, sit ups, push ups, and a 1.5 mile run. Each of these components is designed to test a specific area of physical ability, and is a requirement for those who wish to promote within the organization. During the month of April the Sheriff’s Office had over 100 deputies and civilian staff participate in the physical testing process. Participants this year included members of our clerical staff, nursing staff, as well as participants from the explorer program. As an added benefit, Washington County has partnered with Orriant, a wellness program that encourages employees of Washington County to participate in physical activity and diet management through proper nutrition. Together they provide the incentive for participants to perform at a level just outside their comfort zone. Many of the participants commented on the spirit of competition and camaraderie that always seems to exist at this event. As usual, many came just to participate, but ended up performing beyond their expectations due to the encouragement of PT coordinators and coworkers alike.

Some of the highlights from the testing this Fall included: Deputy Eric Trombley managed to three-peat by meeting each of the five categories at an Epic level, a score so incredibly difficult that it was once thought to be impossible. Deputy John Pamerleau outperformed every other Deputy at the Sheriff’s Office by completing the 1.5 mile run in a blistering time of 9:35. Deputy Ali Snow returned from military service and managed to dominate the female competition. On the men’s side, Sergeant Brian Linton proved to be a threat to the leader board by improving his standing on the top ten leader board to second overall. Lastly, an honorable mention goes to the clerical staff who show up every year to test themselves against the their prior performance in a continual effort to improve. Hopefully the start of a fitness trend for all County employees.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thanks all of the PT coordinators who give of their time and talents to help facilitate this event each Spring and Fall. Without their dedication to the fitness and well being of the staff this event could not take place. Thanks, and see you next spring!