New Phone and Visiting Services Available at Purgatory Correctional Facility

This week, Purgatory Correctional Facility will be transitioning their inmate phone services from Value Added Communications to Telmate. This transition will include the following upgrades:

  • The installation of a new, modern inmate phone system
  • The addition of new, convenient deposit kiosks in the lobby
  • The introduction of voice mail for inmates
  • Free phone calls for recently arrested inmates
  • Lower costs for inmates and their friends and family.

This transition will also include significant changes to the current inmate visiting system, specifically a move to video visitation. What is video visitation? Video visits are video phone calls between inmates and their friends and family. Inmates will use Telmate video touchscreen devices, located in their housing units, while friends and family may use either a video kiosk located in the facility lobby, or their personal computer from anywhere there is a strong Internet connection. Some of the benefits of the new visiting system include:

  • Efficient scheduling – Inmates and their friends and family can schedule and manage their visits using Telmate’s fully automated scheduling system
  • More frequent communications – We anticipate an increase in the frequency of visits due to expanded capacity, extended visitation hours and added convenience for friends and family
  • Greater access – Inmates can now conduct visits with a broader range of friends and family than ever before. With Telmate’s remote video visitation capability, video visitation can be conducted remotely from a personal computer. Now visits can take place with contacts that may not have previously been able to come to the correctional facility
  • Reduction in recidivism – Studies have shown that the more contact inmates have with friends and family during their incarceration, the less likely they are to return. The Telmate communications system provides the tools that empower inmates to help break the cycle of recidivism.

As much as these new systems will benefit the inmates, there are also some key advantages for inmates’ friends and family, such as:

With video visitation, friends and family can visit inmates when they want from where they want. Video visiting also allows for extended visiting hours and both longer and more frequent visits.

Travel Savings & Convenience
Chances are correctional facilities are not next door to friends and family. With remote video visitation, friends and family can get immediate and personal communications without any of the hassle, expense or inconvenience associated with traveling to the facility.

Going to a facility for an in-person visit can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and even intimidating, especially for small children. With remote video visitation, friends and family can say goodbye to long drives, uncomfortable waits and harsh surroundings as they enjoy personal remote visits from the comfort of their own home.

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