Sheriff Pulsipher Responds to BLM Cattle Roundup

Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management have been involved in an ongoing legal action that has resulted in a federal court ordering the BLM to seize and sell Mr. Bundy’s livestock. As a part of that action the BLM has planned to transport Bundy’s cattle through Washington County Utah to auction in Sevier county Utah. Sheriff Pulsipher opposes any such action.

Over the past week Sheriff Pulsipher, County Attorney Belnap and the Washington County Commissioners have been working to stop these cattle from being transported into Utah. These efforts have included discussions with Governor Herbert, Attorney General Reyes and the BLM. Sheriff Pulsipher and Public Safety Commissioner Squires are currently in Nevada meeting with BLM officials in an effort to prevent the transportation of these cattle to Utah.

Utah has continued to work through the legal system to control and administer our lands. These efforts have included suits asserting control of RS 2477 roads throughout Utah as well as legislative efforts such as HB 148 calling for the transfer of public lands to the states, as promised by their enabling acts. Sheriff Pulsipher and Washington County have been strong supporters of these efforts and have dedicated significant resources and personnel in the fight for greater local control over our public lands.

As the conflict between the BLM and Mr. Bundy continues, Sheriff Pulsipher remains committed to the Citizens of Washington County and protecting public safety. Any related demonstrations must be lawful and peaceful.