Washington County Sheriff’s Office Honors Employee of the Quarter

On November 18th, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office honored Deputy Clint Aldred as our Employee of the Quarter (July 2013-September 2013). Deputy Aldred is an extremely hard working, knowledgeable and attentive deputy. He is known as a professional, who is firm, fair and respected by other staff and inmates alike. His co-workers have particularly praised his stability, calm temperament, focus and decisiveness, even in the most challenging situations.

In September, Deputy Aldred was attending a dinner for completing Sniper School. During a speech, he noticed one of his fellow deputies appeared to be choking. Deputy Aldred jumped into action and immediately began the Heimlich maneuver. He continued to perform the maneuver until the food was dislodged from the deputy’s throat. This was a great example of Deputy Aldred’s ability to recognize when his help is needed and to take decisive action. In this case, his quick thinking saved another’s life.

In addition, Deputy Aldred’s sergeant recently put him in charge of the monthly shakedowns for his shift. He has already taken this challenge and made it his own. As if this were not enough, Deputy Aldred also finds the time, in addition to his regular duties, to serve as a Correctional Training Officer, a Disciplinary Hearing Officer, a SWAT team member and a member of our Honor Guard.